William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review


Andrew Coccoli


This Note will adopt an economic perspective while advocating for the most sustainable practices in natural resources management. It will first conduct a series of case studies of natural resources for which there is transnational or international demand, but unsustainable management. While CITES-listed resources will be considered with particular attention, unlisted and more conventional resources will also be considered. In its second part, this Note will consider mechanisms currently available in international trade to accommodate environmental progress, then will set forth various new measures the WTO could adopt to incentivize sustainable management of the Part I resources. Part III will consider new roles for CITES, U.N. bodies, and other international associations in working with the WTO to encourage sustainability. Finally, this Note will conclude by suggesting that environmental groups and trade associations in the developed world pressure their governments to consider using the WTO not only to liberalize global trade but to resolve environmental problems created by free trade.

This abstract has been taken from the author's introduction.