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Download Modularity, Modernist Property, and the Modern Architecture of Property -- Carol M. Rose (79 KB)

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Download "Equitable Compensation" as "Just Compensation" for Takings -- Brian Angelo Lee (146 KB)

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Download Support Grounded in Litigation Experience for Using the Fair Market Value Measure of Just Compensation in Cases Involving the United States -- Jonathan Brightbill and Peter McVeigh (49 KB)


Where Theory Meets Practice

October 1-2, 2020

Panel 1: Where Theory Meets Practice: A Tribute to Henry E. Smith

Panel 2: The Housing Crisis

Lunch Roundtable: Emerging Issues in Takings and Eminent Domain Law

Panel 3: The Reach of Government's Confiscatory Powers Over Exigencies and Emergencies

Panel 4: The Risk of Unjust Compensation

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Property Rights Project of William & Mary Law School


Williamsburg, VA


Property rights, Land use


Land Use Law | Property Law and Real Estate

Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Journal, Volume 10