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An Interview with Toni M. Massaro

An Interview with Toni M. Massaro


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"Lucky, lucky, lucky." -- Toni M. Massaro


Toni Massaro was interviewed in the production studio of the James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. It began at 1pm Arizona time and the interview went approximately one hour. During that time, Massaro covers her high school and college education and how she transitioned to law and why. She also discusses why she wanted to go to William & Mary, her relationships with her fellow students, relationships with faculty and academics, and her transition into practice. She also covers her teaching and deanship and how her time at William & Mary influenced that work.


A transcript and guide to the oral history are available as additional files, above.

The transcript has been lightly edited by its narrator.


First-generation college students, Law firms, Law school deans, Teaching--Law school, William & Mary Law Review, Women in law, Ingrid Michelson Hillinger, John Levy, William B. Spong

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An Interview with Toni M. Massaro