Williamsburg, Jan 21 -- Dr. Dudley W. Woodbridge, acting head of the William and Mary School of Jurisprudence, will address the members of that institution's last midterm graduating class in exercises February 3.

Only three women are listed among the 98 senior candidates for degrees, Most of the men are veterans of World War II, and compose the majority of remaining veterans for whom the accelerated February graduation was adopted.

Dr. Woodbridge, who will speak on "Some Education By-Products," has been head of the law school since 1947 and a member of the college faculty since obtaining his doctorate of jurisprudence from the University of Illinois in 1927. He also earned his A.B. degree at Illinois.

In the future graduation exercises at the college will be limited to June and August and students who complete their studies in February may receive their diplomas then or be recognized at commencement in June.


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