William & Mary Journal of Race, Gender, and Social Justice


Adi Youcht


The accelerated rise in the number of plastic surgeries has created an inflation of personal injury claims in connection with this cultural practice. This Article, on the one hand, aims to understand how the culture of plastic surgeries affects the tortious area of personal injury law (terms, concepts, goals, procedures, remedies, etc.), and on the other to understand how the significance of plastic surgery popular culture is designated by law. The Article suggests a new paradigm for defining personal injuries in order to face the legal challenges raised by plastic surgery culture and, in light of the culture’s re-designation by law. In addition, this Article examines the current law in light of the suggested paradigm. The discussion is based on field research, the first of its kind. The research includes all of the personal injury claims following plastic surgeries, which were filed in the State of Israel, and published in the online legal databases, to date.