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Robertson, William. History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. Volume 3. Dublin: Printed for Messrs. H. Chamberlaine, W. Colles, R. Moncreiffe…, 1788.

War defined much of the reign of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1519-1558) and King of Spain (1516-1558). As head of a Catholic empire, he struggled to maintain power during the Protestant Reformation, and used warfare as a solution. His motivations were mixed: loss of Catholic adherents meant loss of land and power for the Holy Roman Empire, but he also sought to enrich Spain and gain territory for the country. As a result, he waged a series of religiously justified wars against both Protestant regions of Europe and the Ottoman Empire, as well as territorial wars with France. Charles also invaded North Africa and indigenous territory in the Americas, while suppressing popular revolts within Spain and its territories.

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