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Date Award Received


Award Recipients

Nationals Regional Semifinalists: Case Chimielewski, Eric Cook, Kevin Duffan

Nationals Regional Quarterfinalists: Tricia Lightcap, Kristine Schmidt, Kristin Zech

First Amendment American University Quarterfinalists: Claire Maddox, Jen Maki, Elsa Nethercott

Regent National Constitutional Law Semifinalists: Dominique Callins, Graham Schmidt, Chris Burch; 5th Best Oralist: Dominique Callins

Catholic University National Telecommunications Semifinalists: Adrienne Griffin, Kate Goff, Phil Chapman; Best Oralist: Adrienne Griffin

Regent National Constitutional Law Best Brief and Semifinalists: John Hackel, Kirstin Michener, Jason Eisner

Manne Competition for Law and Economics Best Brief and Finalists: Chris Clements, Derek Degrass, Rob Driessen; Best Oralist: Chris Clements

Luke Charles Moore Invitational Quarterfinalists: Heather Hodgeman and Shannon Frankel; Best Oralist: Misty Evans

Luke Charles Moore Invitational Semifinalists: Misty Evans and Sarah Poulter

John J. Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Best Brief and Finalists: Will Hamilton and Kristina Rozek

Ruby R. Vale Interschool Corporate Competition Top Five Oralist: Erin Butler


Moot Court Board

Chief Justice: Erin Butler

Secretarial Justice: Kevin Duffan

Business Justice: Kristine Schmidt

Bushrod Justice: Maxwell "Hurricane" Wiegard

Bushrod Research Justice: Adrienne Griffin

Spong Justice: Kendra Arnold

Spong Research Justice: Sean Tepe

Administrative Justices: Jennifer Macierowski

Administrative Justices: Marya Shahriary

Administrative Justices: Trina Walters