Some Olde Lawe Bookes of Historical Renown


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Fulbecke, William. The Second Part of The Parallele, or, Conference of the Civill Law, the Canon Law, and the Common Law of This Realme of England. London: Printed by Thomas Wight, 1602.

William Fulbecke’s (1560-1603?) book follows the structure of philosophical dialogues, in which concepts are discussed by characters embodying certain traits. His fictional dialogue begins with Nomomathes, a well-off gentleman who liked to keep three “learned men” in his company for furthering his own education: Canonologus (Canon law), Codicgnostes (civil law), and Anglonomophylax (common law). They discuss diverse aspects of the law from their respective viewpoints bound by only two rules – all must yield to the better reason, and the three must not compare themselves to one another, but rather think of themselves as either brethren or enemies (depending on their stances).

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