Lucian Minor graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1823 with a degree in law. After an itinerant career alternating between private practice of law and widespread personal travels, Minor was appointed to a position as professor of law at the College in 1855, becoming the first professor not to have been a judge or former judge. The two-year program of law under Minor’s professorship included courses in government, international law, municipal law, common law, statute law, equity, jurisprudence, and commercial law, in addition to moot court procedure. Minor served as chair of law until his death in 1858. In a remembrance, the Southern Literary Messenger, a publication with which Minor was frequently involved as an author, declared that “His peculiar professional qualifications had found, at the time of his death, their most appropriate and useful sphere--legal authorship and the professor’s chair.”

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Submissions from 1858


The Late Lucian Minor, Editors of the Southern Literary Messenger

(Southern Literary Messenger 225-227 (September, 1858))