<h2><center><span style="color:#866F45";>Bigelow on Estoppel</span></center></h2>


<p><center><strong>Bigelow, Melville M.</strong> <em>A Treatise on the Law of Estoppel and Its Application in Practice.</em> 4th ed. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1886.</center></p>

<p><strong>Melville Madison Bigelow</strong> (1846-1921) was a prolific legal scholar. He served as the dean of Boston University School of Law from 1902 until 1911. He published the first edition of <em>A Treatise on the Law of Estoppel</em> (1872) when he was only 25 years old. It covers a range of topics, including estoppel by matter of record, estoppel by matter of deed, and estoppel by matter in pais. It contains short reports of the adjudicated cases on each topic and a number of notes on legal history.</p>

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