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Held on February 9-10, 1979 at William & Mary Law School.

Funded by the Virginia Environmental Endowment.

Symposium Participants (in order of appearance): Maurice B. Rowe, William R. Moore, Louise Burke, William F. Gilley, James Douglas, Manning Gasch, Jr., Barbara Bitters, Robert Jackson, James Ryan, Robert R. Merhige, Jr., Gus Steph, Steven D. Jellinek, Frederick R. Anderson, Luther Carter, Peter Barton Hutt, Richard Voight, Richard Merrill, George Taylor, Richard Fleming, Hargis, Richard N. Velde, Susan B. King, Jacob Clayman, Nicholas Ashford, James Rogers, Charles O'Connor, Donald F. Hornig, Devra Davis, Scott C. Whitney, and Denis J. Brion.

Publication Date



College of William and Mary in Virginia


Williamsburg, VA


Environmental Law, Virginia, Poisons


Environmental Law | Toxicology

Proceedings of the Conference on Environmental Law -- Toxic Substances