At a meeting of the Students of Wm. and Mary College on the 8th Inst. the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted.

We the Students of William & Mary College deeply impressed with a sense of our loss in the death of the late Hon. Judge Nelson, professor of Law in this college, and filled with sentiments of the highest veneration for the unparalleled virtues that adorned his private life, and with the utmost admiration of those talents and patriotic exertions which on pre-eminently distinguished him in his political services are anxious to pay to his memory the only tribute of respect which the nature of things has left in our power to bestow, wherefore,

Resolved, that in testimony of the high estimation in which we hold the memory of the law Judge Nelson, the Students of William & Mary will wear crape on their hats and left arms three months.

Resolved, to testify further the emotions of the deep felt sorrow which throb our [illegible] in this most sad award of providence, that the students in procession attend his remains from his late residence to the chapel the place of interment.

Resolved, that the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Enquirer.



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News Article

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Enquirer, March 19, 1813, at 3