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The League and “Manchuko”: The Sixth Phase of the Chinese-Japanese Conflict, January 1, 1933- August 1, 1934. Geneva Special Studies, vol. V, no. 3. Geneva, Switzerland: Geneva Research Information Committee, 1931-1934.

The Geneva Special Studies were a series of journals published on global conflicts that were so severe the League of Nations stepped in to help maintain world peace. This series focuses on a dispute over Manchuria between China and Japan. That dispute, as well as pushback over rising Japanese influence in China, would lead to the Second Sino-Japanese War fought as part of World War II. The studies focus on a recounting of the League of Nations action with both countries, and detail items such as troop movement, negotiations between the countries, and international action that influenced each nation.

The last volume in the collection covers the sixth phase of the conflict and focuses on Japan’s separation from the League of Nations. Much of this volume is footnote reprinting of the various statements published by Japan, the League of Nations, and others to get full text of the documents in the report in their entirety. This volume also documents the rise of United States and United Kingdom support of the league, and the isolation of Japan from the rest of the world.

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