This paper discusses options the Commonwealth could consider when evaluating decision-making processes that affect tribes in Virginia, with the goal of improving communication and collaboration between tribal, state, and local governments; and will highlight key case studies from other states and localities that provide precedents. The following options are based on a framework of free, prior, and informed consent, which emphasizes self-determination and an individual right to pursue economic, social, and cultural development. This framework can be applied to decision making and projects for any topic. Moving forward, government-to-government communication will be key to developing solutions to pressing issues such as building climate change resiliency and other long-term initiatives.

This abstract has been taken from the authors' introduction.

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Virginia Tribes

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Appendices to this paper are available as separate files:

Appendix A. Tribal Resilience and Community Plans

Appendix B. Tribal Communities and State and Local Governments: Existing Relationships