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This is a two page spread. The first page includes a drawing of a table while the second page includes instructions, which are continued on the following pages.

The Use of the Sexagenary Table

Where 60 is the first (1st) number, find the second number in the [head] of the Table, and the th[ird] in the first column on the left hand; the Num[ber] in the Common Anfle is the fourth proportion. Example if 60-45-12 Answer 9 as you may prove by the Table.

Where 60 is the second (2d) number, find the first number in the head of the Table, and [?] discend till you find the third; right again which (in the first collumn on the left hand) you have the part proportional.

Examples: If 12 give 60? what 9? answer 45. But if in this case you cannot find your thin[?] number exactly, take the next lefs than it, w[?] the answer thereto, setting it down for a part of the question, then see how much this Num found under the first aforesaid, want of your third number, which find allso (or the nearest the[re)] under the said first number setting down the number against it (found in the first column on the left hand) for the second part of the Answer; thus continuing so long as any [?] is, or at least as need requires.


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