The Visitors and Governors of William and Mary College have the satisfaction to announce to the public, that they have been enabled to fill the respective chairs in this Colleg . Doctor John Augustine Smith, is appointed President of the College and Professor of Moral Philosophy, including the Philosophy of Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Ethics, Belles-Lettres, History, the principles of Natural and National Law and Political Economy. Mr. Ferdinand Campbell is Professor of Mathematics which professor-ship will include Geography, Astronomy, the practical branches of Surveying, Navigation the construction of Maps & Charts, Dialling, Fortification & Gunnery, Perspective & Architecture. Dr. Thomas Jones is appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, which last will embrace Natural History and the Elements of Botany. -- And the Honorable Robert Nelson is Professor of Law.

The Visitors entertain the most sanguine expectation from the intelligence and character of these gentlemen, that the University will not loose the high reputation it had deservedly acquired.

It is recommended to those young gentlemen who are subject to militia duty, and who propose to attend this seminary the ensuing winter, to bring with them a certificate that they are enrolled for duty in some company in the town or county from which they come.

The city of Williamsburg is very healthy from the first of November to the 4th of July, during which period only is the College open.

Board may be had in genteel private families, on moderate terms.

W. BROWNE, Rector

Williamsburg, 28th July, 1814


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The Enquirer, August 6, 1814 at [4]