After the vicious murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, George Floyd, Tony McDade and countless other Black Americans, cities around the country and even the world called for reform in American police operations. Many Americans protested, and continue to protest, raising their voices against the injustice that Black Americans face in their normal lives. In an effort to educate the W&M community and beyond, the Student Assembly, in conjunction with the Student Bar Association and the Office of the William & Mary Provost, offers a Speaker Series. The intent of this series is to create a safe space to educate the community on the world Black Americans face every day, how we can better that world, and how we can all maintain our health and safety in this extraordinary time of change.


History of Black Americans & Restorative Practices (August 10, 2020), Jody Allen, Monika Gosin, and Ravynn Stringfield


How to Challenge White Supremacy & Be More Than an Ally (August 6, 2020), Shené Owens, Laura Shepherd, Laura A. Heymann, and Tolu Olaniyan

Maintaining Mental Health in a Social Movement (August 3, 2020), Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser, Kelly Crace, Ke House, and Ndome Essoka

Voting Rights in the Age of COVID-19 (July 23, 2020), Rebecca Green, Allen Coon, Liz Depatie, Max Weiss, and Kira Simon

How to Make Change Even If You Can't Protest (July 20, 2020), Anthony Joseph, Nicholas Agyevi-Armah, Madeline Williams, and Loni Wright

What is Qualified Immunity? (July 16, 2020), John Adrian Gibney Jr., Vic Glasberg, Stephanie Morales, and Mikaela Phillips


Racial Justice Protests & Protestor Rights (July 15, 2020), Timothy Zick and Mikaela Phillips

Police Reform v. Defunding the Police (July 13, 2020), Roy L. Austin, Adam Gershowitz, and Yasmine Palmer


Racial Justice & Social Reform Speaker Series (Program), William & Mary Law School Student Bar Association, William & Mary Student Assembly, and Office of the William & Mary Provost