Some Olde Lawe Bookes of Historical Renown


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Straitmann, Theodor. Harmonia Titulorum Utriusque Iuris. Coloniae Agrippinae: Apud Gualtherum Fabricium, & Ioannem Gymnicum, sub Monocerote, 1571.

Straitmann’s book discusses the intersection of Roman law and Canon law; he intended it to be used as a text for teaching and studying the two disciplines side by side. Closely related, Roman law and Canon law were often thought of as components of a single legal system. It was not unusual for scholars in the Middle Ages to earn the degree of doctor iuris utriusque – or a doctor of “both laws.” Bound with the Harmonia is a 1577 edition of French law professor François Raguel’s Leges Politicae ex Sacrae Iurisprudentiae Fontibus Haustae (Political Laws Drawn from the Sources of Sacred Jurisprudence).

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