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Rochus Curtius


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Curtius, Rochus. Tractatus de Jurepatronatus. Lugduni: apud Jacobum Giun[ti], 1543.

Born in Ticino, today an Italian-speaking Swiss canton, Rochus Curtius (fl. 1470-1515) studied law under Jason of Mayno before serving as counselor to the Margrave William of Montferrat. By 1515, Curtius was teaching Canon law in Ticino, after which he served as a judge in the Senato of Milan. Curtius’s treatise on ius patronatus, or the right of patronage, was published in several editions in the first half of the 16th century, particularly, in Lyon, France, where this edition was printed at a press of the famous Giunti family. Patronage dictated the privileges and rights given to church founders under Canon law. Originally a concession to wealthy donors, the right of patronage is no longer granted by the Church.

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