Some Olde Lawe Bookes of Historical Renown



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Digestum Novum. Lugduni: Ex Typographia Ionnis Ausulti, 1566.

The Littera Bononiensis, a manuscript codex of Justinian’s Digest like the Littera Florentina but more recent and less complete, was used for law training in Bologna as early as the latter half of the 12th century. The jurists at Bologna, known collectively as the Glossators, divided the Digest into three separate parts: the Digestum Vetus (“Old Digest”), Infortiatum (“Reinforcement”), and Digestum Novum (“New Digest”), the last containing titles 39 through 50 of the Digest. Scholars struggle to make sense of this tripartite division, but it may have originated because parts of the Digest are thought to have been rediscovered at Bologna in manuscript form at different times over the years.

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