Some Olde Lawe Bookes of Historical Renown


Aymar du Rivail


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Rivail, Aymar du. Ciuilis Historiae Iuris, Siue in XII Tab. Leges Commentariorum Libri Quinq[ue]. Mogvntiae: 1533.

Aymar du Rivail (1491-1558), a historian and jurist from the Dauphiné, spent significant time in Italy during the Italian Wars. His civil legal history consists of five books, which include extensive commentary on the Law of the Twelve Tables. The Twelve Tables resulted from the first efforts to codify laws in order to control the powers of the consuls in the Roman Republic. A decemvirate was appointed to handle the matter in the mid-fifth century BCE and produced the first ten of the twelve tablets. A second decemvirate was elected for the final two tablets, this time representing plebeians as well as patricians.

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