WILLIAMSBURG -- Outside intervention in the selection of faculty members was condemned Tuesday in a resolution adopted by the faculty of the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary.

In a direct reference to statements by State Sen. E.E. Willey of Richmond regarding the appointment controversy involving attorney JeRoyd X. Greene, the resolution said the faculty "reaffirms its intention to develop a faculty composed of the best qualified individuals without improper intervention from any sources outside the college."

Willey, in a letter to the law school dean, James P. Whyte Jr., questioned Greene's appointment as a teacher in the law school and said his appointment would influence Willey's attitude toward future appropriations for the law school.

Although there was no mention of Willey by name in the resolution, the law faculty said it "emphatically condemns any act or statement by any person or agency, public or private, that threatens or attempts to effect any reprisal or duress against this law school . . . "

The statement was issued shortly after a law school faculty meeting at which time William and Mary President, Dr. Thomas A. Graves Jr., spoke for the first time personally regarding his decision not to appoint Greene as visiting associate professor of law. The board of visitors on May 18 concurred in Graves' decision.

Later in the afternoon the American Association of University Professors held a meeting at William and Mary open to any member of the faculties at the college.

Ronald C. Brown, an associate professor of law and new AAUP chapter president at William and Mary, said the meeting was to explain the guidelines of the AAUP and to outline the background of the organization's process of gathering information on the Greene case.


Wilford Kale

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Richmond Times-Dispatch at B-1 (May 29, 1974)