WILLIAMSBURG -- John E. Donaldson, 32, a native of Richmond, has been appointed associate dean of the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary, effective Sept. 1.

Donaldson, who was promoted to the rank of full professor in June, had served for two years as an assistant vice president of the college while continuing to teach part-time in the law school.

James P. Whyte, dean of the law school, in announcing Donaldson's appointment, said the position of associate dean would be enlarged to give Donaldson considerable responsibility in the areas of law school admissions and placement, as well as in other administrative activities. He said Donaldson would continue to teach in the area of tax law.

Prior to joining the William and Mary law faculty in 1966, Donaldson served as an attorney in the office of the chief counsel, Internal Revenue Service. Since 1968, he has been a consultary to the IRS.

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Richmond Times-Dispatch at B-2 (Aug. 26, 1970)