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Bishop, Joel Prentiss. The Doctrines of the Law of Contracts: Their Principal Outlines, Stated, Illustrated, and Condensed. St. Louis: F. H. Thomas and Company, 1878.

Joel Prentiss Bishop (1814-1901) was a prolific writer of legal treatises. Before becoming an attorney, he worked at the New York Anti-Slavery Society and edited an abolitionist newspaper. He moved to Boston in 1942 to edit a progressive newspaper and there began working at a law office. Within two years, Bishop was admitted to the bar and opened his own firm. He began writing treatises for practitioners as a way to build his reputation. His Doctrines of the Law of Contracts (1878) is a collection of annotated cases. It was designed to lay out the "skeleton" of contract law, according to Bishop, focusing on core doctrines and primarily American cases.

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