The Board of Visitors have supplied the vacancy in this Department, by the unanimous election of Judge Scarburg, a gentleman, whose well known legal acquirements, and long experience at the Bar, and on the Bench, eminently qualify him for the duties of a Professor of Law, and render the selection highly gratifying to the friends of the venerable Institution with which he is now connected.

Although the engagements of Judge S. will not allow the commencement of his lectures before the 2d Wednesday of October next, it is thought advisable, to announce the arrangement in advance, for the information of those who may wish to avail themselves of his instructions. A circular exhibiting the course of study, Text Books, expenses, &c. will be forwarded to any one, on application to ROBERT GATEWOOD, Secretary of the Faculty – Williamsburg.

March 10 – cwiw.


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News Article

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Richmond Enquirer (March 19, 1852)


Announcing the election of Judge Scarburg[h] as Professor of Law.