Modern courtroom technology permits the use of technology in the jury deliberation room to enhance deliberations in both traditional trials and technology-augmented cases. SJI-funded research conducted by the Courtroom 21 Project surveyed the law of the United States with respect to statutory and case law governing the use of exhibits during deliberations; surveyed the state courts and, with the assistance of the Federal Judicial Center, the United States district courts concerning their deliberation practices and courtroom technology use; and conducted two controlled studies of the use of deliberation room technology in both traditional and technology-augmented trials. The Courtroom 21 protocol and technology design formulated as a result of the surveys and experiments was then field-tested in actual cases in Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit and the United States District Court for the District of Oregon. Following the field trial the Courtroom 21 Project prepared the Manual for Jury Deliberation Room Technology for use by court administrators and technologists. The research results include survey and empirical data dealing with jury exhibit practice and courtroom technology use not previously available.

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