<h2><center><span style="color:#866F45;">The Holy Experiment</span></center></h2>


<p><center> Oakley, Violet. <em>The Holy Experiment, Our Heritage from William Penn</em>. Philadelphia: Cogslea Studio Publications, 1951.</center></p>

<p>Violet Oakley was an American illustrator, muralist, and stained glass artist. She believed that the role of art was to inspire and instruct society. As a young woman, Oakley studied at Drexel Institute, where she learned to visualize and illustrate the most exciting moment of a historical narrative. A pacifist as well as a prolific muralist, Oakely was well-known for her powerful female figures. This copy of <em>The Holy Experiment</em> is copy 474 of 1,000 issued in the second printing. It depicts one of Oakley's most well-known commissioned works: a series of 43 murals she painted in the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building.</p>

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<h3><center><span style="color:#5B6770;">Image Information and Download Instructions</span></center></h3>

<p>The image as shown above is a portion of the law library's digitization of a foldout page within <em>The Holy Experiment</em>. The complete image is too large to display here, but you can <a href="https://scholarship.law.wm.edu/context/womenhistorylaw/article/1034/type/native/viewcontent"><span style="color:#115740;"><strong>download the complete image as a .tiff file</strong></span></a>.</center></p>

<p>You can also view the book's <a href="https://wm.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/01COWM_INST/g9pr7p/alma991028516769703196"><span style="color:#115740;"><strong>record in the library catalog</strong></span></a>.</p>