<h2><center><span style="color:#866F45;">Order to Arrest Sarah Worsham for Adultery</span></center></h2>


<p><center>Order, 8 November 1771, to the Sheriff of Charlotte Co., Va., to Arrest Sarah Worsham for Adultery. Signed by Thomas Reade.</center></p>

<p><strong><span style="color:#115740";>Transcription of order:</span></strong></p>

<p> George the third by the grace of God &c<sup>a</sup>. To the Sherif of Charlotte County granting we command you that you do not omit for any Liberty in your County by that you take Sarah Worsham if she be found within your bailiwick & her safely keep so that you have her body before the Justices of our C. County Court at the Courthouse on the first Monday in December next to satisfy us the sum of one thousand pounds of nett Tobacco for this fine on her Imposed by the Justices of our said Court for Living in Adultery with Christopher Isbell of which she was presented by the grand Jury, also to satisfy us that is to say the sum of 136 Tob<sup>c</sup>. & 15p or 150 Tob<sup>c</sup>. in the same Court were adjudged for our Costs in this behalf Expended whereof she is convict as appears to us of record, and have then there this writ</p>

<p>Witness Thomas Read Clerk of our said Court at</p>

<p>the Courthouse the 8<sup>th</sup> day of November 1771 in</p>

<p>the Twelfth year of our Reign.</p>

<p>Tho<sup>s</sup>. Read</p>

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