Williamsburg, Sept. 23 -- Dr. Dudley W. Woodbridge, dean emeritus of the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary, was honored in special ceremonies here Saturday afternoon.

College officials, former students and lawyers from throughout the state joined in hailing Dr. Woodbridge. The ceremonies were held at the Wren Building where the first law classes in America were held in 1779.

Dr. Woodbridge retired as dean of the law school at the end of August after serving on the faculty here for 35 years. He will continue to teach several law courses.

The ceremonies honoring him were part of the annual observance of Burgesses' Day at the college. The burgesses, the state's colonial legislature, met in the Wren Building in the 18th century.

Successor to Wythe

Judge Sterling Hutcheson, retired federal district judge and now rector of the William and Mary board of visitors, said the college is "gratified to pay tribute to the latest in the distinguished line of successors to the chair of George Wythe."

The board of visitors made Dr. Woodbridge dean emeritus upon his retirement in recognition of his "good and faithful service." A resolution adopted by the board and praising Dr. Woodbridge for "those attributes of mind and spirit that distinguish him as a great teacher," was presented.


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