A collection of videos produced for the William & Mary Law School.


2013 Law Review Symposium: The Civil Jury as a Political Institution: Value Judgments Through Damages

Alumni Weekend 2013

Puller Clinic Joins VA's Community of Practice, Keith Wilson, Davison M. Douglas, Mark R. Warner, Stacey-Rae Simcox, and Patricia E. Roberts

William & Mary Law School Graduation Awards Ceremony (May 11, 2013), Davison M. Douglas, Patricia E. Roberts, Ronald H. Rosenberg, Susan Grover, Laura A. Heymann, Nancy Amoury Combs, Nathan B. Oman, William M. Richardson, Warren M. Billings, Fredric I. Lederer, Laura R. Killinger, Jayne W. Barnard, Robert E. Kaplan, Dominick R. Littman, Jennifer S. Stevenson, Stacey-Rae Simcox, Claire Maddox, Faye F. Shealy, and Lee E. Tankle

William & Mary Law School Graduation (May 12, 2013), Davison M. Douglas, Lee Evan Tankle, Gabriel Alexander Walker, Katherine Elizabeth Ward, Jillian Marie Jacobs, Robert M. Gates, Ronald H. Rosenberg, and Ramona J. Stein


2012 Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference Dinner

75 Years of Women at the William & Mary Law School

Alumni Weekend 2012

Constitutional Dilemmas: Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Neal Devins and Tara Leigh Grove

Human Agency and the Law Conference - Intro and Panel 1, Nancy Amoury Combs, Steven Hansen, Steven D. Smith, John Mikhail, and Peter A. Alces

Human Agency and the Law Conference - Panel 2, Stephen J. Morse and Peter A. Alces

Immigration Policy: Myths, Realities, and Reforms, Peter Schuck

Supreme Court Preview 2012-13: Business, Tom Goldstein, Carter Phillips, Kannon Shanmugam, and Greg Stohr

Supreme Court Preview 2012-13: Criminal, Jess Bravin, Beth Brinkman, Erwin Chemerinsky, Lyle Denniston, and Kannon Shanmugam

Supreme Court Preview 2012-13: Election Law, Paul Smith, Joan Biskupic, Debo Adegbile, and Michael Carvin

Supreme Court Preview 2012-13: Gay Rights, Beth Brinkman, Walter Dellinger, Adam Liptak, and Paul Smith

Supreme Court Preview 2012-13: International, Tara Leigh Grove, Tom Goldstein, Neal Katyal, and Diane Wood

Supreme Court Preview 2012-13: Moot Court followed by The Roberts Court, Erwin Chemerinsky, Amy Wax, Joan Biskupic, Davison M. Douglas, Linda Greenhouse, Amy Howe, Allison Orr Larsen, Adam Liptak, Carter Phillips, David Savage, and Greg Stohr

The Cryptopicon: The Legal, Ethical, and Intellectual Implications of "Big Data", Siva Vaidhyanathan


Capital Murder Symposium: Appellate Panel, Katherine B. Burnett, Michele Brace, and Leroy F. Millette Jr.

Capital Murder Symposium: Policy Panel, Davison M. Douglas and Richard Dieter

Capital Murder Symposium: Trial Panel, Paul B. Ebert, Doug Ramseur, and Verbana Askew

Constitutional Dilemmas: Arizona's Immigration Legislation, Angela M. Banks

Constitutional Dilemmas: Health-Care Reform Legislation, Allison Orr Larsen

Dep. Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler: My Experience Before the Supreme Court, Edwin Kneedler