A collection of videos produced for the William & Mary Law School.


2013-2014: A Year in Review

2014 Bill of Rights Journal Symposium: Atkins in Other Contexts, Adam M. Gershowitz, Paul Marcus, Christopher Slobogin, and Scott Sundby

2014 Bill of Rights Journal Symposium: Atkins on the Ground, Paul Marcus, Jeffrey Bellin, Caroline Everington, Marc Tassé, and John H. Blume

2014 Bill of Rights Journal Symposium: Lunch with Diana Holt and Edward Lee Elmore, Paul Marcus, John H. Blume, Diana Holt, and Edward Lee Elmore

2014 Bill of Rights Journal Symposium: The Road To and From Atkins v. Virginia, Paul Marcus, John H. Blume, Mark E. Olive, Sheri Lynn Johnson, and Jordan Steiker

2014 Law School Video Tour

60 Years of African-American Students at William & Mary Law School

African-American Reunion Celebration

Alumni Weekend 2014

Class of 2014: Class Gift Effort

Constitutional Conversations: Cell Phone Searches and the Law, Paul Marcus and Adam M. Gershowitz

Hixon Center Ground Breaking, Davison M. Douglas, W. Taylor Reveley III, Todd A. Stottlemyer, and James A. Hixon

Professors Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman on Why Hobby Lobby and For-Profit Corporations are RFRA Persons, Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman

Supreme Court Preview 2014-2015: Business, Beth Brinkman, Paul Clement, Michael Scodro, Neal Katyal, and Kannon Shanmugam

Supreme Court Preview 2014-2015: Civil Rights, Erwin Chemerinsky, Walter E. Dellinger III, Irving Gornstein, and Patricia Millett

Supreme Court Preview 2014-2015: Congress & the Obama White House, Adam Liptak, Jeffrey S. Sutton, Neal Katyal, Paul Clement, and Walter E. Dellinger III

Supreme Court Preview 2014-2015: Criminal, Jeffrey Bellin, Beth Brinkman, Jeffrey Fisher, Gregory Garre, and Kannon Shanmugam

Supreme Court Preview 2014-2015: First Amendment, Timothy Zick, Walter E. Dellinger III, Paul Smith, and Dahlia Lithwick

Supreme Court Preview 2014-2015: Moot Court, Neal Devins, Michael Scodro, Andrew Pincus, Joan Biskupic, Garrett Epps, Irving Gornstein, Tara Leigh Grove, Allison Orr Larsen, Dahlia Lithwick, Erin E. Murphy, David Savage, and Richard Wolf

Supreme Court Preview 2014-2015: Same-Sex Marriage, David Savage, Adam Liptak, Jeffrey Fisher, and Paul Smith

William & Mary Law School Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

William & Mary Law School Graduation Awards Ceremony (May 10, 2014), Davison M. Douglas, Patricia E. Roberts, Jacqueline Denning, Ronald H. Rosenberg, Stacey E. Kern-Scheerer, James Y. Stern, Nancy Amoury Combs, Nathan B. Oman, William M. Richardson, Christopher L. Griffin Jr., Jennifer S. Stevenson, Warren M. Billings, Christopher A. Abel, Laura R. Killinger, LeRoy F. Millette, Robert E. Kaplan, Mark D. D'Antonio, Stacey-Rae Simcox, Faye F. Shealy, and Sean J. Radomski

William & Mary Law School Graduation (May 11, 2014), Davison M. Douglas, Sean Joseph Radomski, Qian Ling, Kevin Spencer Elliker, Alexander Snyder Mackler, Cassandra Blythe Roeder, Antonin Scalia, Ronald H. Rosenberg, and Michael J. Ende


2012-2013: A Year in Review

2013 Law Review Symposium: The Civil Jury as a Political Institution: Are Juries Made Up of Experts or the Ill-Informed